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Indigenous Employment Pathways

You Are The Next Step

Our job is preparing our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce through a tailored program in partnership with the National Indigenous Australians Agency and Westpac Foundation. 

The Pathways Overview

  1. Indigenous people facing barriers to employment enter our program

  2. We deliver a holistic training, employment, mentoring, life coaching and health program

  3. They work with us for 6 to 9 months, proving themselves employment and life ready

  4. We place them in your organisation to continue their careers 

Contact us to increase your Indigenous workforce, and to provide an opportunity to to someone who is both ready and grateful for it. 

"Congratulations in terms of the incredible start-up opportunities being provided to so many young Australians, and particularly to so many Indigenous Australians, that help to provide real, tangible job and career opportunities that will be life changing."

Simon Birmingham - Minister For Finance, speaking about the employment opportunities the Worldview group provides.

Meet Our Crew

Get to Know Our Team

Jason Pugh_edited_edited.png

Jason Pugh

Recruitment Services Manager

With over 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry, Jason is a highly respected talent attraction specialist with a proven track record of success. 

Kurt Option 2.png

Kurt Gruber

Managing Director

Kurt has extensive experience in business, NFP and the social enterprise sector. He is focused on social impact and has a Masters in Business Law.

Jamie Option 2.png

Jamie Miller


Jamie has a long history in the social enterprise sector and is focused on helping people through business. He has a Masters in Commercialisation and is a certified mindset coach.

Ciaran Keating_edited.png

Ciaran Keating

Employment Manager

Ciaran has extensive experience in the employment and recruitment industry. He is dedicated to helping people achieve their potential and developing their careers.


Albert Barker

Mentor & Team Leader

Albert is the mentor and team leader for our Indigenous team. He is an experienced painter and draws upon his experiences to be a role model and leader for our team.

Kathy Gruber_edited_edited.png

Kathy Ryan

Fiance & Accounting

Former Director at the ATO and other senior public service roles, Kathy has years of experience in finance and accounting.

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