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Providing a meaningful job opportunity?

We are the partner for you.

We are looking for employers who are committed to developing a long-term partnership with us.

Partnerships that are focused on the continued career development of our Indigenous staff - as well as the success of your organisation. 

Our job is getting our team-members ready. 
Their job is continuing to deliver what they have done with us. 

Your opportunity is to provide their next step. 

Workforce Offerings

Tailored To Suit Your Needs

We provide labour hire, recruitment and a blended labour hire/recruitment model.

All placements include ongoing coaching and mentoring of our workforce, to ensure there is a cultural fit and performance is what it needs to be.

This includes providing team-leaders on group labour hire projects.   

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Group Labour Hire

A Team Of Workers

Groups of 3+ workers for specific projects. This includes a team-leader to supervise the the team and the project.

Labour Hire

Short or Long Term

Hourly, Daily or Weekly Rates.
We work with you to meet the requirements of your project and business. 

Labour Hire > Recruit

A Staged Approach

In this model, you can undertake labour hire to make sure there is a right fit before permanently hiring them into your business.


Your Employee

Select and interview our employees and recruit them into your business. Includes ongoing coaching and mentoring.

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